Ethics Committee

This Institutional Research Ethics Committee (CIEI-IIN) is responsible for ensuring the rights and well-being of human beings involved in biomedical and social research projects.

Who is part of this committee?

Multidisciplinary members of professionals and non-professionals, who act under the principles of autonomy, justice and beneficence (Belmont Report, 1979) and by the Clinical Trials Regulation of Peru (DS No. 021-2017-SA).
It is in the National Registry of Accredited Institutional Research Ethics Committees of the National Institute of Health with code RCEI-22, Valid until 24/02/2022.

More information here: OGITT grants CIEI-IIN accreditation certificate.

President of the Institutional Ethics Committee in Research from the IIN

Mariela C. Dejo Vásquez cuenta con un doctorado en Psicología. Actualmente, es profesora de pregrado en la Universidad de Lima y la Universidad de Piura. Asimismo, también es profesora de posgrado en la Universidad Cayetano Heredia y la Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazón.

With extensive experience in evaluating the ethical aspects of clinical and observational research protocols.


Protect and ensure the well-being of the participants in the IIN's (biomedical and social) research projects

To ensure that the research to be carried out at the IIN respects ethical principles through ethical, scientific, independent, competent and continuous evaluation

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