Nutritional Institute of Investigation receives authorization to make Covid-19

The National Institute of Health authorized the Laboratory of the Nutritional Research Institute (IIN), in agreement with the 'Universidad Peruanas de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)', to carry out molecular detection tests for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes of COVID-19.

The IIN's molecular biology laboratory has state-of-the-art technology, highly trained personnel, and is part of the Korea International Cooperation for Infectious Disease (KOICID). Since its creation in 2008, this laboratory has been working on the detection of infections, especially respiratory diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. In 2009, the IIN laboratory received accreditation from the National Institute of Health for the detection of the pandemic Influenza AH1N1 virus. This laboratory, in addition to implementing and developing numerous diagnostic tests for infections, has also been developing research and publishing in specialized journals.

The director of the IIN, Homero Miranda, highlighted that the authorization of the INS "is linked to the social role that we have been developing in our 50 years of institutional life, in order to contribute to the solution of the most critical health problems that our country is facing. The timely detection of the Covid-19 virus makes it possible to reduce the rate of infection during this pandemic that seriously affects the lives of the Peruvian population. IIN researchers are very aware of and committed to finding solutions to this public health problem.”

The Institute has a multidisciplinary team of researchers, who carry out research, training, teaching and service activities in the field of health, food, nutrition and science for the benefit of the Peruvian population, improvement of living conditions and disease prevention, providing concrete solutions and strategies